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Commercial Crab Fishing – First in the West with Hamilton Jet

Jastram Technologies is pleased to announce a significant installation of Hamilton Jet in the first crab fishing boat here in Canada. The 36ft vessel is fitted with a single Hamilton HJ292 waterjet drive, coupled to a 480HP Cummins engine through a reduction gearbox, and has delighted the owner, giving him the ability to increase the vessel speed significantly, and provide vastly superior maneuvering than was previously possible with the old surface piercing drive system that had been in place. Prior to re-powering the boat was difficult to maneuver in Harbour and the Owner experienced significant costs in replacement propellers. Additionally, the manufacturer of the Surface Piercing Drive was unable to properly provide a predicted performance, and had suggested to try various propellers at their own risk until they found one that worked best.

Faced with a risky installation, the Owner turned to Jastram Technologies. We provided a guaranteed performance prediction that suited the Owner and the planned power plant and gearbox. Our new Dealer in Sidney BC fitted the required Hamilton Jet drive in accordance with the installation guidelines with supervision from our Jet Champion.

The results from Sea Trials proved that our approach with properly sizing the jet drive to the hull parameters, and machinery has resulted in a very happy customer who has now tried his boat, and loves the increased maneuverability, speed, and power delivery of his vessel. We were able to exceed the required speed, and provide the most efficient solution through proper planning and execution, with backup from Hamilton Jet. It is the way we carry out all repower or new build projects, with careful attention to detail and it pays off every time.

There are no doubts, or risks involved with properly predicting performance, no outlay by the Customer until we are sure that the vessel will either meet or exceed expectations. The owner is thrilled, and already telling his colleagues and competitors how well his repower project has turned out.

Vancouver Fireboat & Rescue Boat

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Boats Water Cannons

Vancouver Fire Department purchased two new Firestorm 40 Fire fighting vessels, and the first of these was given its official launch commemoration in Vancouver September 14, 2016. Jastram Technologies are proud to be suppliers to these state of the art vessels with Hamilton Jet propulsion. There are two Cummins 8.3 Diesel engines and Twin Hamilton HJ364 Jets on each boat, coupled to Darley ZSM3000 Fire Pumps that are the heart of the machinery driving the vessels.

Like every project we undertake at Jastram Technologies, we require and provide collaboration. It is necessary to know a great deal about the operations of the vessel, the required speed, the hull characteristics and the available power options in order to properly provide the correct Hamilton Waterjets. We consult and collaborate with the Owners, Builders, Naval Architect, and Hamilton Jet factory engineers and gather the required information to provide a Performance Evaluation. We essentially know exactly how the boat will perform on paper before we cut the first metal for the project. This way our clients are never disappointed, and they keep coming back. Vancouver Fire Department has used Hamilton Jets in its previous vessels, and over the many years of excellent service, the choice of propulsion system was easy for them. Sea Trials proved the performance evaluation right on the money. Hamilton Jets will provide many years of trouble free operation, and Jastram are always on hand to provide maintenance parts and second to none service promise that is fully backed up by Hamilton Jet.