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Geaquello is manufactured by AIK Flammadur

Established in 1890 AIK Flammadur provides a pourable cable sealing system for protection from fire, gas, smoke, liquids and electricity. Watertight cable penetrations and electrically conductive sealing compound for bulkheads and decks are developed specifically for shipyards, vessels and offshore applications.

The Geaquello System is fireproof, gas-tight and watertight and has been approved by all reputable classification societies and national authorities i.e. Lloyd's, DNV, BV, ULC, UL.


Flammadur E 292

E 292 is a flame resistant and flexible sealing compound. Consists of 2 components; a resin and hardener. It is used as a water resistant sealing system for cable penetrations in bulkheads and decks. Used in addition to the E 950 system to seal exposed surfaces from prolonged exposure to seawater such as vertical transits on decks. Can be used in temperatures – 40 C to + 90 C.

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Geaquello E 950 Sealing System

The Geaquello System is a pourable cable sealing system, fire-retardant, gas-tight and water-tight approved for marine and offshore applications. For A60 Bulkhead and Deck penetration according to SOLAS 1974. Consists of R380 Swell modules, E 824 Impregnation Fluid, and E 950 Sealing compound.

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Flammadur E 711

E 711 is an electrically conductive sealing compound solvent free epoxy resin. Can replace metals and used for the connection of electrically conductive materials in places difficult to access. Extremely suitable for the grounding of the network of cables through a bulkhead. Mixture can be sealed or painted.

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Flammadur A 77 HF Cable Coating

When exposed to fire A 77 Fire Stop expands and cures to an insulating carbon foam protecting the underlying materials against heat. Designed to prevent the outbreak of fire caused by cable burns. Coating does not affect the cables current carrying capacity.

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