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Since the 1960's, QMI has developed a reputation for providing reliable, innovative and proven products. The Oil Mist Detection and Monitoring Systems for the crankcases of Diesel Engines were developed in the mid-80's at the request of key shipping clients. QMI products provide fast response, no false alarms and are simple to install on new or existing vessels.

65% of fires at sea are the result of oil mist leaks from areas where lubricating, fuel, or hydraulic oils are under pressure causing a fine mist to collect in the atmosphere leading to a fire.

The QMI Crankcase Monitoring System has a two stage alarm: early warning and main alarm with slow or shut down facility. Additionally, it has a Self Diagnostic instrument fault finding system. While the Triplex Atmospheric oil mist systems for smaller applications identify a hazardous build-up of oil mist in confined areas; steering gear compartments, generator rooms, and main engine room spaces.


QMI TRIPLEX Monitoring System

Practical answer for oil mist monitoring in the atmosphere in areas where only 1, 2, or 3 detectors are required. Simple to install on new or existing vessels. Engine rooms as recommended by IMO 1086, generator rooms, test chambers or purifier rooms.

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QMI Atmospheric Detector

For detection of oil mist in the atmosphere, systems indentify a hazardous build up of oil mist in confined spaces. Machine rooms with fuel, lubricating or hydraulic oil lines, engine rooms, bow thrusters and steering gear compartments.

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QMI Engine Detector

Crankcase monitoring solution for marine and land based diesels can check up to 12 detection points simultaneously. For crankcases, pumps, compressor and gear boxes.

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