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Cathelco Limited

Cathelco Limited is the world leader in Seawater Pipework Anti Fouling (AF) and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP). With over 20,000 installations of ICCP and Anti Fouling systems, they can be found in every type of vessel and offshore structure.

The ICCP and AF brand names are market leaders and come highly recommended by ship yards, naval architects and procurement departments across the world. The Cathelco portfolio includes C Shield, Minitek, Alutek, Jotun ICCP, Wilson Taylor, FA Hughes, MPSL and Morgan Berkeley.


Pipework AF

This product prevents pipework fouling by generating copper ions. Copper Ion generation has a excellent record for effectiveness and reliability on all types of ships.

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The ICCP corrosion protection system for ships uses advanced control panel design and a wide range of anodes. These modern protection systems are found on vessels of all types and sizes.

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Specialized Anti fouling and ICCP systems are used on the ships of 22 navies around the world. These specialized components are pressure and shock tested to military standards.

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Special Yacht designs are discrete and effective, Cathelco provides AF and ICCP systems for yachts of all sizes.

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Engineered AF and ICCP systems for all types of offshore structures, including platforms and semi submersibles.

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