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R.W. Fernstrum & Company is a third generation family owned business with a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service. The company is a global leader in the engineering, development and manufacturing of cooling technologies for the marine industry. R.W. Fernstrum offers 3 product lines, covering the complete range of cooling options for marine applications.

These product groups are; the FERNSTRUM® GRIDCOOLER® keel cooler, the WEKA-Fernstrum Boxcooler and the Tranter-Fernstrum Plate Heat Exchangers. Each of these product groups are recognized for their excellence, quality and the superior value they offer to the marine industry.



The FERNSTRUM® GRIDCOOLER® keel cooler is a closed circuit cooling unit mounted on a vessel's hull beneath the waterline. It eliminates the need for an inboard heat exchanger, raw water pumps and strainers, as well as the maintenance associated with them. The FERNSTRUM® GRIDCOOLER® is manufactured with 90/10 copper nickel, a material offering a long service life and anti-fouling properties.

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WEKA-Fernstrum Boxcooler

The WEKA-Fernstrum Boxcooler is a closed circuit cooling system, mounted in a sea chest. It comes with the Protector Type S system which protects the cooler from potential damage from stray electrical currents and allows the 90/10 copper/nickel tubes to maintain their natural anti-fouling capabilities. There is no need for an ICAF system when using the WEKA-Fernstrum Boxcooler.

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With Tranter, Fernstrum now offers you the very best in reliable, compact and efficient Plate Heat Exchangers. They can be found on board of countless vessels all around the world - from luxury yachts to huge container vessels, supertankers and offshore rigs.

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