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HamiltonJet is renowned for creating superior waterjet propulsion systems suitable for commercial applications, workboats, fireboats, pilot, police and military craft as well as pleasure boats. Waterjets are the preferred method of propulsion where high efficiency, outstanding maneuverability, shallow draft capability and low maintenance are key requirements. They provide smooth and quiet operation and maximize engine life.

The current Waterjet models have power inputs from 150kW to 3000kW, suitable for vessels up to 60 meters long. A global network, with Regional Offices in Europe, America and Asia/Pacific, together with Distributors in over 50 locations give HamiltonJet extensive world wide coverage.


HJ Series

Eight models ranging from 200-400mm diameter impellers. The HJ series are generally suitable for 6-20m craft and can use manual, hydraulic, or electronic controls.

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Blue Arrow

The Blue Arrow is the new generation of control systems. It incorporates jet control interfaces, engine throttle and gear control interfaces with helm control devices for a fully integrated control system.

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HM Series

Seven models ranging from 420-810mm diameter impellers. The HM series are generally for 18-60m craft with multiple jets and engines. On this series the controls must be either hydraulic or electronic.

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Electronic Controls

Electronic controls are designed for the larger HJ and HM jets and incorporate many peripheral controls and recording systems.

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Application Questionnaire

Used to determine the appropriate jet and performance level for your craft.

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Jastram Technologies Pricing Policy For Hamilton Jet Products

Jastram Techologies’ pricing policy of complete Hamilton Jet units and parts in Canada.

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