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NRG Marine Logo
NRG Marine's Sonihull is a eco-friendly antifouling solution comprising a complete range of fit-and-forget ultrasonic antifouling devices for any solid surface that is exposed to raw seawater. With a wide range of surface-mounting adaptors, Sonihull can now protect every part of your vessel from marine fouling. From hulls, shafts, propellers and waterjets to sea-chests, tanks, keel-coolers, box-coolers, pipework, intakes and valves.
Hamilton Jet Logo
HamiltonJet Waterjets are the preferred method of propulsion for a wide range of high speed workboats, patrol boats, crew boats, fire boats, pleasure crafts, etc... HamiltonJet's product line includes power inputs from 150kW to 3000kW or typically up to 60 meters in length.
Cathelco Limited Logo
Cathelco is the world leader in Seawater Pipework Anti Fouling and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP) with more than 20,000 installations on all types of vessels. Brand names include; C Shield, Minitek, Alutek, Jotun, Wilson Taylor, FA Hughes, and Morgan Berkeley.
Fernstrum Logo
FERNSTRUM® is a global leader in marine cooling technologies. The two main products are the GRIDCOOLER® keel coolers and the WEKA Boxcoolers. Both keel coolers and Boxcoolers come in standard and custom configurations and 90/10 copper/nickel for its anti-fouling capabilities.
Jastram Logo
Jastram GmbH & Co. KG, founded 1889 in Hamburg, Germany is an internationally recognized company in the marine engineering and equipment market. They specialize in bow thrusters with patented noise reduction technology, azimuth jets and high efficiency rudder systems.
Jastram Engineering Logo
Jastram Engineering designs and manufactures marine steering systems up to 120TM. Quality products combined with third party Type Approvals (ABS, DNV & GL) gives JEL customers piece of mind when it comes to the functionality and reliability of the vessel's steering system.
Wagner Logo
Wagner Engineering was founded 1936 with design, sales and manufacturing operations based in Vancouver, BC. Wagner manufactures marine hydraulic steering, which is renown world wide for its quality and durability.
Hamann AG Logo
Since its foundation in 1972, HAMANN AG has been synonymous with high quality waste water treatment plants and steel constructions in stainless steel and aluminum. Efficiency and durability are irreversible requirements for machinery that is used within the maritime industry. Legislation to protect our environment is becoming more stringent every day, and furthermore poses new challenges in developing marketable products. Fulfilling and exceeding the most demanding conditions serves as the basis of HAMANN's workmanship. High quality, low maintenance and innovative systems which sustainably preserve the environment have seen the Company grow into a worldwide accepted supplier for wastewater treatment systems, as well as naval certified systems to Mil-Standards.
Hydrex Logo
Providing a service that is versatile, effective and speedy, Hydrex has built a reputation as the world's leading underwater repair, replacement and maintenance specialists. Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium and Tampa Bay, Florida in the USA, and building on an ever-expanding worldwide network of offices and support bases, Hydrex can provide fast service at reasonable costs. Hydrex exists to keep ships in business and help them save fuel and other costs.
Subsea Industries Logo
Ecospeed, developed, and delivered exclusively by Subsea Industries, a division of Hydrex, is an environmentally safe underwater hull coating system which provides ships with long-term protection while dramatically improving their fuel efficiency. Consisting of a unique, thoroughly proven system that combines the advantages of an easy-to-apply, non-toxic surface treatment for hydrodynamic optimization and long term underwater maintenance system which keeps the ship's hull free of fouling. Applied once either at new build or in drydock for in-service vessels, Ecospeed comes with a 10-year warranty and is expected to last the life of the vessel. The Ecospeed coating is ice-abrasion resistant certified by Lloyd's Register and also has DNV's ballast tank protection certification. The coating system has been in use since 2002 and has proven itself in terms of long-lasting protection, fuel savings capabilities, superior ice protection and environmental safety.
RUD Logo
The RUD Group is a global player, producing innovative chain systems and components for a wide range of applications. Our over 140 years of experience is unparalleled on the market! All of our products have one thing in common: advanced technology. This technology is developed through our numerous R&D partnerships with research institutions, universities, suppliers and customers. It's based on our expertise, our creativity and our tendency to never merely accept things as they are. We're always curious and open to new ideas. As an innovative technological trendsetter, we succeed in establishing new technologies, new product features or even new standards (which later become generally accepted) for our products and services in key industries and market segments. We're always working systematically to keep developing our strong technological position, especially with regard to the key technologies and innovations that give us our competitive edge, now and in the future. As an innovative trendsetter, we offer our customers products and services that provide key benefits above and beyond the competition. All our products and services are system packages that offer clever, high-quality technological solutions for our customers' concrete requirements, along with advantages for their business.
Alu Logo
Alu delivers captain seats to ships worldwide. No matter whether you call it a pilot chair, helm chair, navigator chair or operator seat, we have the chair for your vessel Alu can provide optional solutions that fulfill all requirements from comfort, durability, stable construction and design flexibility. Alu provides an overall quality which far exceeds that of their competitors for work and commercial vessels, offshore and crane applications and for Navy, Coast Guard & Fast Ferries. Many companies have recognized the usability, quality, and value of Alu’s products.