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Marine manoeuvring & propulsion systems

Jastram GmbH & Co. KG, founded 1889 in Hamburg, Germany is an internationally recognized company in the marine engineering and equipment market.

The product portfolio contains transverse and azimuth thruster with drives and a full range of complementary electronic control and monitoring devices. Special applications like noise reduced thruster and resiliently mounted drive systems are innovative and patented solutions the company has developed. A team of well trained engineers, a fully stocked and readily available spare parts inventory guarantees the worldwide service support.


Transverse Thrusters

50 kW to 1650 kW thrusters with unrivalled durable gears and high-performance FP propellers meets all major classifications; 4000 thrusters in operation.

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Azimuth Grid Thrusters

360° steering grid with reliable thruster gears, resistant to grounding, suitable for shallow water and has a low-noise operating mode.

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Thruster Drives and Controls

Customized control systems for all drive applications, specialists in FC drives with user-friendly operation.

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Low-Noise Thrusters

Patented noise reduction technology with reduced cavitation noise; recognized mega-yacht supplier, resiliently mounted drive assembly for transverse & azimuth grid thrusters.

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