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Airchime was acquired by Kahlenberg of Two Rivers Wisconsin. Now the manufacturing of the Airchime line of Ship's Whistles and Sirens is produced out of the US facility. The Airchime line of high quality and durable products are designed to withstand the tough conditions of the marine environment.

Airchime products include: Air Operated, Electric Self Contained & Heated Electric Piston Whistles; Whistle Controllers for Inland & International Rules; Commercial Marine and Military Air Horns; Engine Room alarms; Industrial and Emergency warning systems.


Horns for Vessels Less than 20 meters (65 ft.) in Length

Air Horns available in brass, chrome, or white powdercoat finish; Model S-0A, Model D-0A and Model T-0A.

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Horns for Vessels 20 meters to 75 meters (65 to 246 ft) in Length

Air Horns; Manual or Electric activated, heated enclosure, multi tone, independent air supply, Model S-2, Model D-2, Model D-2CVL, Model T-3A, Model KMJ Series supply.

Electric Horns; Model KB-30, Model KB-20

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Horns for Vessels 75 meters (246 ft) in Length

Air Horns; frequencies from 85Hz to 250Hz, AC and DC voltages, Enclosed and Heated Model KM Series.

Electric Piston Horns; 7.5 to 10 HP, IMO Certified, Model KPH-130C, Model EP-130

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Horns for Vessels over 200 meters (656 ft) in Length

Air Horns; single tone, Model KM-85, KM-110 and KM -135

Electric Piston Horn; IMO Certified, Model EP-90, Model KPH-130C

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Industrial Horns

Model CA Air Horn
Designed for industrial signaling applications, engine room and fire alarm signals, heavy equipment signaling. Air horns for up to 1 kilometer (.5 mile) coverage.

Model K Air Horns
Designed for industrial signaling applications and heavy equipment signaling for sound coverage up to 3 km (2 mile), frequencies ranging from 260 – 660 Hz. Single tone Bi-directional, Dual tone Uni-directional, Omni-directional.

Model KM Air Horns
Designed for industrial signaling from 3 – 6 kilometers (4 mile) coverage. Available in different frequency combinations, Heated and Omni-directional models.

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Wide Area Emergency Warning Systems

Omni Directional Single Tone Models

Omni Directional Dual Tone Models

Fully Enclosed and Heated Models

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